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Everything you need to know about voucher codes

What are Voucher Codes, Discount Codes, Promotional codes, Coupon codes etc?

Different retailers and people in general, call Voucher codes by many different names. Coupon codes, Discount Codes, Promo Codes, Promotional Voucher are all different names for the same thing, a Voucher Code. In the UK, most people use the term Voucher Code, while in the US, Coupon Code is more regularly used. Voucher Codes are normally made up of a series of numbers, letters or often a mixture of both, that can be entered on a specific retailers online checkout to get a discount on your purchase. Some voucher codes get you a free gift or free delivery on your purchases rather than a discount.

So how do I use a Voucher Code?

Using a voucher code on  GetVoucherCodeDiscounts is as easy as 123. First find the voucher code for the retailer you would like to use and click the button to reveal the code. The online store for the retailer will open either in a new window or a separate tab, depending on your browser and settings. Make your purchase selections as you normally would and proceed to the retailers checkout, then have a look around the page and fine the box that asks you to enter a voucher code. This may not say voucher code, it could be promo code, discount code or one of the other terms, it all depends on the retailer. Next copy the voucher code that is shown at the top right of the retailers page and is also now displayed under the button you clicked on GetVoucherCodeDiscounts page and paste it into the box on the retailers site. The retailers site should update and display the discount you have received and the new total price.

The code will show on the GetVoucherCode Discounts site after you click the reveal code button.

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How long is a Voucher Code valid for?

Some voucher codes are valid for a year or more, but more often a voucher code will be valid for a month, a week and sometimes just a few hours. When planning to make a purchase, it is always best to complete it a soon as possible as retailers often cut short or cancel a particular voucher code before the publicised expiry date. We always work hard to ensure our voucher codes are up to date and remove any expired codes when we discover it is no longer valid.

How many times can I use a voucher code?

That all depends on the retailer and the terms and conditions they impose on their voucher codes. Some voucher codes can only be used “One per Customer”, others are only valid for new customers only, but many can be used as many times as you like. It is always worth keeping in mind that yo may only be able to enter the voucher code once so make your most expensive purchase first.

How much discount will I receive by using a voucher code?

This all depends on the retailer and the type of product you are purchasing, clothing and shoe retailers tend to give bigger discounts than technology and household appliance retailers due to the bigger margins they work with. Often the voucher code will give you a bigger discount the more you spend.

Can I use more than one Voucher Code on the same order?

Normally no, but there are exceptions as some retailers do allow the use of multiple voucher codes. This is known as stackable voucher codes and while there use is not common, it is worth a try as the savings can be immense. As always, use the voucher code that give the biggest saving first in case you are not allowed to use another…

Why are special offers, deals and sales also listed?

Often special offers, deals and sales provide a bigger saving or discount than a voucher code will so we always list the best available as well as voucher codes, this provides our users with the biggest choice and the best savings. You don't need to enter a voucher code to get savings from special offers, sale and deals, just click the link and the retailers site will open in a new window or tab ready for you to take advantage of the retailers offer.

Can I use a voucher code to get an extra discount on a special offer?

Quite often no, but there are always exceptions so check the retailers terms and conditions.
Voucher code conditions often state that the voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or that the voucher code can only be used on full priced items, but if nothing is stated it is always worth a try to grab an extra discount.

How do I get the best from GetVoucherCodeDiscounts.co.uk?

There are several ways to use  GetVoucherCodeDiscounts

  • If you are looking for a discount from a particular store or retailer either look them up using the search box or use the A-Z locator.
  • If you are looking for a voucher code for a specific product, take a look through our categories to find the best voucher code available for the product you require.